Research Manager joins Foodvalley

Growth market

We see the Dutch food sector as a potential and interesting growth market for scientific research. That is why Research Manager, as one of the market leaders in this field, joined Foodvalley at the beginning of 2020, which we have come to know as a leading network with interesting members. We can add demonstrable value with our knowledge and services in the field of scientific research and we like to get in touch with members of Foodvalley to create great new collaborations.

Research platform

One central place for everything related to scientific research and registrations: from collecting and sharing data in a validated and secure database, to digitally managing the research process. That is what we offer food science with our research platform. We guarantee the whole process: from the first idea for a research project to the publication of a scientific paper. This allows researchers to focus fully on their core business, shortens the submission process of studies and makes your organisation future-proof for inspections and reports to the Executive Board.

If you would like to know more about our cooperation with Foodvalley, please contact us.


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