At ResearchManager we have a lot of different people that have very different roles. With this blog we would like to give you insight in how a day looks like for one of our employees. Today we are taking a look in the day of our consultant Franka. 

What does a typical morning look like? How is your commute to work?

Franka:  Every Monday and Wednesday I get up around 06:00, because those are the days I go to our office in Deventer. On other days it depends if I have to drive to a client or if I work from home. When I work at home I can sleep in a little longer. 

Today I got in the car in time to drive to one of our clients in Arnhem. I live in Emmen so I’m often on the road for a while before I arrive at our client’s location or at the office, but I can start my morning nice and easy in the car with a cup of coffee while I listen to the radio.

How do you start your working day? What do you do first (after coffee of course)? 

Franka:  Normally I start my day by checking my e-mail and making a to-do list for the day. Today is a bit different, because I am starting my day with a check-up. 
 For a check-up, we visit a client to evaluate the past year. In addition to being a moment to discuss what they like about the software and what wishes there are, we as consultants analyze the client’s software environment to see if there are opportunities for improvement. We are aware of all technical developments and therefore try to ensure that everyone always makes optimal use of our software.

And after that?

Franka: After the appointment I drive to our office to continue working there. Another meeting is planned with our project manager and the consultants.

 Every week we discuss the progress of the projects we have running in order to help each other. I am always busy with projects for new clients to implement the software for them, but we also have internal projects that we need to address. Together with my colleague from marketing, for example, I am writing informative blogs.

What does your lunch look like?

Franka: Lunch at the office is always fun. We often grab something at the supermarket and then have lunch in the office kitchen.

Franka: After lunch I will start working on one of the implementation projects we have at the moment. One of the tasks associated with such an implementation is processing the test findings. Before a CTMS module can be used by a client, a lot of things have to be set up and built in. That is the first phase of an implementation, after which a customer will test the results. Today I’m processing the feedback from such test round, so I’m working form the back-end of our system this afternoon instead of the front-end like this morning at the check-up.

Back home, what do you do when you get home? 

Franka: After a short drive I come home to my boyfriend, he has already prepared dinner for us. How sweet! 

Recently, we also adopted two kittens that greet me enthousiastically when I get home. Tonight, I’m home too late, but on days that I work from home I can do some sports in the evening. I used to play handball a lot but due to an injury I have now exchanged that for CrossFit. I now enjoy doing that as much as possible.

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