Roland Schuyer
MA, Chairman BoS, Manager Business operations

“Roland Schuyer has a long career as manager in various large hospitals in the Netherlands. In doing so he has acquired experience in healthcare (cutting and contemplative) as well as in healthcare support and laboratories. At these institutions Roland has led various projects, programs, and hospital committees and was active both regionally a nationally.

After his study healthcare management Roland started as program manager healthcare innovation, followed by oncology where he made quite a few flight hours. Here his preference for the use of Value Based Health Care and Lean/Lean Six Sigma in healthcare- and process improvement comes from. He is chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Foundation Primary Care Haaksbergen which results in yet another role and responsibility towards an organization and demands different skills.

Joep Rijnierse
Doctor, Medical Director Amgen

Joep Rijnierse studied medicine at the University of Nijmegen. After having been active as a General practitioner for a few months he was active as a military brigade doctor in Oirschot for 2 ½ years. He started his career in the pharmaceutical industry in 1987 at Ciba-Geigy as Medical Advisor and then various other positions such as EU Clinical Project Leader Rec-Hirudin and Clinical Operations manager Benelux. After the fusion with Sandoz he worked at Novartis for two more years before he made the move to Pharmacia & Upjohn (Later Pharmacia) in 1988 as Medical Director. When Pfizer took over Pharmacia Joep became their Corporate Affairs Manager for two years. In 2005 he moved to Genève where he became the Global Medical Doctor for the Neurology unit within Serono’s Main office. When Serono was sold Joep decided to move back to the Netherlands and became Medical Director at Schering-Plough and kept this position after the fusion with Organon. Joep has been working as Medical Director at Amgen since 2009 where he, together with his colleagues, works hard for the concept of VBHC where good registries to measure outcomes are necessary.

Joep has been member of various work groups and committees such as the Communication workgroup of the pharmaceutical committee of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), the steering group Medical Scientific Issues of Nefarma, the Nefarma workgroup DBCs (Diagnosis Treatment Combinations), the Nefarma workgroup European Affairs and the workgroup doctor patient relations. Joep is currently chairman of the Organization Innovative Medicine (The Organization) (work)/steering group for the improvement of the R&D climate, member of the DCRF workgroup Knowledge and Information sharing and since 2010 board member at BioFarmind/HollandBio. Since 2014 Joep is chairman within the Organization of the workgroup RLD (Real Life Data) and is also member of the VBHC workgroup and the board committee Patient and Science. In these functions he is closely involved with the developments in the field of VBHC, Registries, and RWE.

M.C.M. Wentink-Reus
Drs. Co-owner CQ ProcesManagement

Drs. M.C.M. Wentink-Reus is one of the owners of CQ ProcesManagement, an advise bureau in the healthcare sector. Since 2001 they have been working on various projects, such as with healthcare providers, municipalities, and umbrella organizations. Their objective is meaningful, visible, and cost effective healthcare in the Netherlands. Ensuring everyone can participate in society. With their projects they improve the care for the client, the healthcare provider and/or society, but preferably all three.

Furthermore, she is member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation Patient Registries, a foundation with the aim of enabling the patient and healthcare provider to give mirror information ‘just in time so as to be able to choose the best treatment for the patient, together.

With a background in pharmaceutical research drs. Wentink-Reus mostly engages in the outcomes and effects of healthcare and what it can mean for the client or patient. She does this in the hospital world, but also in for example, the GGZ or primary care.

C.D. de Gooijer, Kees
Dr. Ir. Director TKI

Kees de Gooijer is since 2012 the director of TKI Agri & Food. The TKI handles the innovation program of the Topsector Agri & Food. Previously, de Gooijer filled various management functions within Wageningen University & Research. He was managing director of the Agrotechnology and Food Sciences Group, of RIKILT- Institute for Food Safety and of the Education institute Technology and Nutrition. Moreover, Kees de Gooijer is managing director of TKI-BBE (focused on the development of a biobased economy in the Netherlands), vice-chairman of the KNCV and occupies various (inter)national positions on boards and committees.

Nico Arfman
PhD, Co-founder Machnet Medical Robotics BV

Nico is an experienced entrepreneur and business developer with a proven track record. He has 16 years of experience as Senior Advisor Life Sciences at the Development society of East-Holland (Oost NL).

He has contributed to the settlement of new (foreign) companies in East-Holland and to the development of instruments for the advancement of trade and internationalization of regional companies.

He is Co-founder of Machnet Medical Robotics BV. This company is specialized in the development of robot supporting interventions in radiology such as MRI-compatible chest biopsy robot.