Real-time insight into all Clinical Visits/Clinical procedures, budgets and reimbursements with the use of ResearchManager Operations & Budget.  

When setting up a study, setting up eCRFs and collecting patient data are important first steps to conduct. Good insight into the activities and financial administration ‘behind the scenes’ is also vital for the efficient conduct of the research. ResearchManager can also provide a Finance employee with real-time insight into the income and expenditure per study, or provide researchers with an overview of clinical procedures still to be performed per patient. 


Operations and Budget is a functionality that is not yet known to every user. We would like to explain in this blogwhat the benefits are for you and your organization.  


Study activities  

Within ResearchManager EDC, a schedule can be drawn up for each study when a specific clinical procedure must be performed in accordance with the research protocol. This can be done in various ways: on a specific date, depending on a specific date in the CRF (e.g. the enrollment date) or depending on another clinical operation. On the basis of the clinical procedure schedule, a customized schedule can be set up for all participating patients. The margins within which the transaction must take place are considered. For example, within Operations and Budget, the user has an overview of which specific procedures have been planned per patient and which have actually been performed, work lists with (planned) procedures per user can be printed and invoices eventually sent.  



Budgets for studies can be drawn up in ResearchManager CTMS. The planned transactions within EDC are automatically tracked in the budget overview in CTMS, giving the trial agency real-time insight into the cost price, budgeted and realized fees and expenses. In addition, the costs of support departments can also be included. When linking transactions in EDC and CTMS, both a standard and flexible rate can be entered. Finally, ResearchManager also offers the option of making a link with your own financial system, so that there is insight into the income and expenditure of a study at any time and can serve as the basis for invoicing.  



On request, a dashboard can be set up that provides direct insight into the financial and administrative management information.  


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