Free WHO-NCOV eCRF available!

WHO-NVOC eCRF available in Data management. Research Manager makes the WHO-NCOV eCRF template available for COVID-19 research for all Data Management users.

Naturally this will be free of charge. For more information please contact .

Team Research Manager.

Important information regarding the Privacy Shield Ruling

On 16-07-2020 the European Court of justice ruled the Privacy Shield to be declared invalid, with big consequences for the international data traffic.
Consequences for Research Manager:

Firstly, the most important:
From the beginning Research Manager has chosen for the use of their own servers in Dutch datacenters. This ruling does not have any consequense for the safety of your data in Research Manager.
In addition, for our service we use standard applications such as Zendesk for supporthandling and Microsoft CRM/Office 365/Teams for general activities, for example emailtraffic. In these applications your contact details are documented amogst others in support of support, billing or for communication. Currently, we are looking for possible consequenses and measures for these applications that the suppliers will have to take. Once there is more information available we will inform you as soon as possible.
For further development regarding this ruling you can best keep your eye on our website.
Does your Privacy Officer have any question about this, you can always contact us via:

Team Research Manager.

Our solution


We support researchers and organisations in the preparation, execution, and administration of research. Our expertise in data collection, validation, and enrichment is particularly valuable.


The number of registrations continues to rise, along with all the associated administrative pressures this entails. We can help you collect and produce the required data, in the correct format, quickly and efficiently.

Data Science

Our data scientists can help you explore, analyse, and model various types of data. The resulting knowledge can be used to support, improve, and optimise scientific research or decision-making processes.

Our research platform

One platform for all researchers

We believe that data-sharing capabilities are essential if we are to further improve the quality of scientific research.

Our Research Manager offers a research platform that gathers all functionalities and information in one place, ready for sharing. The platform facilitates researchers who want to be prepared for a future where the patient, access to data, and sharing data are key.

Are you ready for the future?

Our brochure lists all the services available on our research platform.

Our services

Easy eCRF setup

This tool makes easy work of creating your eCRF. You can use a comprehensive set of variables and options to quickly set up your questionnaires and datasets, embed your validations, and check the data input in the Test mode.

Randomisation and stratification

Our randomisation tool simplifies the use of randomisation methods, such as (random) block randomisation, simple randomisation, or minimisation. The tool allows the definition of simple and complex randomisation arms and stratification classes.

Send questionnaires to patients in digital form

Patient Self Service enables separate schedules for sending individual questionnaires so that patients can complete questionnaires online securely, and from any location. One clear overview provides access to both responses and progress.


You can create custom reports or use the standard reports provided, such as an Annual report or a Progress report. Research agencies can forward annual reports at the push of a button, for example to the Board of Directors or the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (IGJ). Our consultants can help set up the required reports.

Local feasibility

This module manages the required steps for approval by the Board of Directors (local feasibility) for any type of study. Using the Research Manager means you will meet all the requirements and simultaneously establish a Site Suitability Declaration.

SAE and SUSAR notifications

This tool can be used to set notifications for various events within the research study, fully automating the process when an SAE, SUSAR or SADE is logged.

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Data links

Are you looking to import or link information from external sources and files? This service makes it possible to import (un)structured data from various sources directly into Data Management, as well as export research data to various file formats such as Excel and SPSS.

Budgets and proposals

This tool makes it easy to create a budget with standard budgetary rules for each study. What’s more, the tool can capture an overview of all proposals from the associated departments in the study file and combine these with the budget. If you also use the Visits tool, all procedures for each patient are automatically linked to the budget, resulting in transparent financial accounts.

Digital METC (Medical Ethics Review Committee)

Digitise all METC administration and processes. This tool facilitates digital meetings with the METC and digital processing of all other matters. It provides up-to-date information on the review’s processing time and supports the use of template (approval) letters.

Stock management and issuance

The Stock Management tool can be used to manage, log, and issue medicinal products or devices. It provides an immediate overview of the up-to-date stock for each site and sends automatic notifications when stocks need to be replenished. The Stock Management tool can be linked to the Randomisation tool.


This module manages the METC-required steps for approval for each type of study. Using the Research Manager means you will meet all the requirements and simultaneously establish a Site Suitability Declaration.

Finding patient populations

This service can be used to search (un)structured data (free text fields) for patient populations based on inclusion parameters. The populations detected – along with associated data – are easily transferred to the eCRF.

Prediction models

We can help you use algorithms to predict certain outcomes based on existing data. These models can also be used to verify whether you are collecting the right data to formulate an answer to the research question.


Our consultants can help you create insight into the gathered data, but you can also opt to manage this yourself. The dashboard displays real-time data anywhere it is needed within the Research Manager Research Platform. In addition, dashboards for the research agency show the number of studies per study type, the results, and the status of all studies in a certain period.

Multi/single centre study

The Research Manager Research Platform is suitable for both Multi-centre and Single-centre studies. Collecting research data for separate sites is very straightforward, with each participating centre having access to the study file to view the status of the local feasibility per site at any time. The sites can collaborate securely, yet they work separately by managing the various roles and authorisations.

Visits and procedures

This tool can be used to create flowcharts for each study. For example, the procedures for each visit can be linked and you can make the schedule available to the departments or the research team at the push of a button. If you use budgets and proposals, all procedures will be automatically logged in the financial accounts. Additional advantages: efficient processes, and the procedures are traceable via a logbook.

Standard validated questionnaires

This service provides a library containing an extensive database of validated questionnaires. These questionnaires can now be used in any study, saving a significant amount of time when establishing the eCRF and reducing the risk of errors.

Data Management Services

Our consultants can help you with the design of your eCRFs as well as support your research setup, data collection, and study management.

Patient Journey

Places the patient front and centre. Which personally identifiable information has your patient given consent for? This service supports the implementation of a patient journey that involves the collection of relevant data aimed at the patient’s perspective.


All data are stored in accordance with the FAIR principle so that it can be exchanged with any system, making existing data more accessible to researchers.

Audit trail

Increasingly stricter legislation and regulations mean that audit trails are essential. Our audit trails record all procedures and amendments for each user and each patient, ensuring your compliance without the need for further administrative burdens.

Our clients and partners

”Within the Zuyderland MC, researchers can use the Research Manager Data Portal to gather and store their research data. The functionalities can be used by the researchers to create their own eCRF with support from The Scientific Research Agency. The eCRF is then assessed in collaboration with an expert from the Clinical Trial Center Maastricht. This procedure safeguards qualitative data collection and storage within the study, ensures that all data are stored in one central location, and also protects the patients’ privacy in line with the applicable legislation and regulations. We have noticed that researchers are initially worried about the complexity of the programme and the establishment of an eCRF, yet afterwards feel that the programme was easy to use.” – Audrey Merry, Research Coordinator, Epidemiologist RVE Zuyderland Academy

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