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We believe that data-sharing capabilities are essential if we are to further improve the quality of scientific research.

Our Research Manager offers a research platform that gathers all functionalities and information in one place, ready for sharing. The platform facilitates researchers who want to be prepared for a future where the patient, access to data, and sharing data are key.

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Our brochure lists all the services available on our research platform.

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We support researchers and organisations in the preparation, execution, and administration of research. Our expertise in data collection, validation, and enrichment is particularly valuable.


The number of registrations continues to rise, along with all the associated administrative pressures this entails. We can help you collect and produce the required data, in the correct format, quickly and efficiently.

Data Science

Our data scientists can help you explore, analyse, and model various types of data. The resulting knowledge can be used to support, improve, and optimise scientific research or decision-making processes.

Our clients and partners

”Within the Zuyderland MC, researchers can use the Research Manager Data Portal to gather and store their research data. The functionalities can be used by the researchers to create their own eCRF with support from The Scientific Research Agency. The eCRF is then assessed in collaboration with an expert from the Clinical Trial Center Maastricht. This procedure safeguards qualitative data collection and storage within the study, ensures that all data are stored in one central location, and also protects the patients’ privacy in line with the applicable legislation and regulations. We have noticed that researchers are initially worried about the complexity of the programme and the establishment of an eCRF, yet afterwards feel that the programme was easy to use.” – Audrey Merry, Research Coordinator, Epidemiologist RVE Zuyderland Academy

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