Jeroen v.d. Grond - LUMC

Satisfied customer speaking: LUMC

The Radiology department of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) has been working successfully with the CTMS for almost five years now. Jeroen van der Grond – Director Radiology Research Consultancy Center – has been involved in the purchase of the software from the very beginning. “A lot of clinical research is done in my department. We are also involved in technical developments and we regularly receive research requests from other departments and external pharmaceutical organizations. In order to bring structure to the hundreds of trials and applications, I was looking for broad software application to support us around 2017.”

Custom-designed CTMS

During conversations with ResearchManager, our software soon proved to be the right solution. “We could tweak the CTMS to our own wishes. Essential, because with our specific wishes, a standard product would never fit,” says Van der Grond. “When we had queries about ongoing studies, for example, we wanted to be able to see the status of the research in question at the touch of a button, including the agreements made with the principal investigator. We also wanted to have the roles and rights set up in a specific way and we wanted to be able to check off completed tasks and actions. All these wishes – and more – have been programmed for us by ResearchManager. And despite the fact that we deviate quite a bit from the standard, everything works perfectly.”

Thorough, fast and reliable

“The standard operating procedure is now that every research application is officially submitted via the CTMS. From there, the request goes further into our organization. And because the software is incredibly user-friendly, this process runs very smoothly,” says Van der Grond. “And it’s not only pleasant software for the researchers to work with – for us too. The CTMS is thorough, fast and reliable. All users are therefore satisfied, including the three super-users who keep the overall overview and set the roles and rights for each user.”

600 complete trials in CTMS

“There are also specific results: our internal administration has been considerably optimized thanks to the implementation of the CTMS,” continues Van der Grond. “We have arranged all the trials neatly together, in one central location. Do we want to look back on something, for example about a study that has been on hold for a year? Then we have the source documents quickly at hand. We now have approximately 600 complete trials – plus all associated documentation – in the CTMS. And that number continues to grow.”

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