Medical Ethics Review Committees

One digital solution for all Medical Ethics Review Committees

Review and manage all study protocols, amendments, and progress reports with ResearchManager ERMS.

With Ethical Review Management System (ERMS) Medical Ethics Review Committees as well as sponsors reach a high standard of efficiency and quality. The process concerning submitting, reviewing, and approving goes faster than ever.

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Your own workflow

With Research Manager ERMS the entire workflow is efficiently designed according to the preferences of Medical Ethics Review Committees. This can be changed at any desired moment. 

Link the ResearchManager ERMS tool with ResearchManager CTMS users for direct communication and the exchange of status updates of study protocols, amendments, and progress reports.

Ethical Review Management System | ERMS, powered by ResearchManager

Make the difference for sponsors with shorter lead times by contributing to the streamlining of the Clinical Study Start Up.

ERMS offers the committee an efficient work environment through handy functionalities. Think of online meetings with chairmen, committee members, and the secretariat. 

Furthermore, Medical Ethics Review Committees are always provided with all the necessary information needed for inspections and year reports via the built-in Management Dashboards.

Ethical Review Management System | ERMS, powered by ResearchManager

ERMS is part of the research platform of ResearchManager, existing out of the EDC, CTMS, and ERMS tools. With this eClinical platform we, together with our users, bring the care to a higher level.

ResearchManager and the datacentres meet the high quality standards to guarantee a safe research platform.

EDC, CTMS & ERMS | powered by ResearchManager

Ethical review management system

Receive, review, and manage study request digtally

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get an overview of all running studies

Dashboards & Analytics

Application Programming Interface (API)

Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

Ethical Review Management System | ERMS
eClinical tool to digitally submit studies and to let it be reviewed by Medical Ethics Review Committees.
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ResearchManager offers various services before- and during the use of the tools.

ResearchManager offers various support possibilities; even in different time zones;

At ResearchManager ensuring quality is our top priority. That is why our organization and datacentres live up to high quality standards.

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We facilitate everyone in the life science sector that is involved with research. We do this with an online research platform consisting of the eClinical tools EDC, CTMS & ERMS.  With this we offer researchers one central environment for all the information and services which enables them to share data with each other and to bring research to a higher level. Furthermore, we have expertise in the area of collecting, validating, and enriching data.

Our eClinical tools

Electronic Data
Capture | EDC

eClinical tool for the collecting, validating, and enriching of clinical research data and patient registries.

Clinical Trial Management System | CTMS

eClinical tool for a streamlined process regarding study requests and the tracking of study portfolios.

Ethical Review Management system | ERMS

eClinical tool for reviewing study requests, amendments, and reports by Medical Ethics Review Committees.

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