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Modern and Efficient Data Collection with EDC

ResearchManager EDC revolutionizes data collection with electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF), simplifying and expediting the process. Additionally, ResearchManager offers ePRO, RTSM, and Visit Tracking functionalities, enhancing platform versatility, catering to diverse research needs, and streamlining trial management processes.

Full Management of the Research Process with CTMS & eTMF

ResearchManager CTMS include all necessary features to efficiently manage every aspect of the research process. From selecting sites and creating budgets to managing visits and generating reports. Validations and notifications facilitate the flow of information, ensuring continuous compliance with laws and regulations. ResearchManager eTMF is an essential tool for research teams, dedicated to managing essential documentation. It includes eISF, allowing storage and management of all documents centrally.

The three promises of ResearchManager

With the Clinical Research Suite, ResearchManager offers a digital infrastructure for every phase of the clinical research process. We focus on digitalization of the process for a shorter turnaround time for studies, digitization of data and information, but also on greater transparency and security.


100% compliant with laws and regulations
Our Clinical Data Management tools provide you with a secure solution that consistently meets the latest and most crucial laws and regulations surrounding clinical research.

100% Custom Implementation
With our Clinical Operations tools, we assure a tailored and efficient implementation.

50% Faster clinical processes
Our Clinical Research Suite demonstrably speeds up the processes involved in clinical research.

Thierry Wetting

Thierry Wetting

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