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You can create custom reports or use the standard reports provided, such as an Annual report or a Progress report. Research agencies can forward annual reports at the push of a button, for example to the Board of Directors or the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (IGJ). Our consultants can help set up the required reports.

Local feasibility

This module manages the required steps for approval by the Board of Directors (local feasibility) for any type of study. Using the Research Manager means you will meet all the requirements and simultaneously establish a Site Suitability Declaration.

Budgets and proposals

This tool makes it easy to create a budget with standard budgetary rules for each study. What’s more, the tool can capture an overview of all proposals from the associated departments in the study file and combine these with the budget. If you also use the Visits tool, all procedures for each patient are automatically linked to the budget, resulting in transparent financial accounts.


This module manages the METC-required steps for approval for each type of study. Using the Research Manager means you will meet all the requirements and simultaneously establish a Site Suitability Declaration.


Our consultants can help you create insight into the gathered data, but you can also opt to manage this yourself. The dashboard displays real-time data anywhere it is needed within the Research Manager Research Platform. In addition, dashboards for the research agency show the number of studies per study type, the results, and the status of all studies in a certain period.

Multi/single centre study

The Research Manager Research Platform is suitable for both Multi-centre and Single-centre studies. Collecting research data for separate sites is very straightforward, with each participating centre having access to the study file to view the status of the local feasibility per site at any time. The sites can collaborate securely, yet they work separately by managing the various roles and authorisations.

Visits and procedures

This tool can be used to create flowcharts for each study. For example, the procedures for each visit can be linked and you can make the schedule available to the departments or the research team at the push of a button. If you use budgets and proposals, all procedures will be automatically logged in the financial accounts. Additional advantages: efficient processes, and the procedures are traceable via a logbook.

Audit trail

Increasingly stricter legislation and regulations mean that audit trails are essential. Our audit trails record all procedures and amendments for each user and each patient, ensuring your compliance without the need for further administrative burdens.

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