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CRO Partner Program

ResearchManager partners gain access to the premier online infrastructure for decentralized clinical trials and clinical operations. Explore the Clinical Research Suite and receive exclusive support and financial benefits.

Exclusive Access to the Clinical Research Suite

The Clinical Research Suite (CRS) comprises proven powerful technology offering a flexible, reliable, and unique infrastructure for setting up and managing (decentralized) trials. Personalized support and flexible pricing models are key benefits of the CRO Partner Program.

With the Clinical Research Suite, CROs and sponsors have access to optimized process management functionalities that can be tailored to different industries, practices, and study types (from phase 1 to complex randomized trials). This ensures that everyone utilizes the same validated and reliable software and processes, enhancing study efficiency and delivering financial benefits.

Comprehensive Support in Clinical Research

With the Clinical Research Suite, optimizing the collection, processing, and submission of clinical research data, particularly to regulatory authorities, becomes possible. This accelerates the development and approval of life-saving drugs and devices. The ResearchManager CRS supports phase I-IV clinical trials of any scale in most languages and is accessible from all electronic devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Users and Partners of ResearchManager

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Benefits for CRO Partners

The CRO Partner Program combines years of experience in Clinical Research Software with expertise in processes and business development. Success is the top priority, accompanied by the added benefit of efficiency in global clinical trials and clinical operations.

  • A dedicated representative catering to needs and providing support.
  • Access to preferred pricing with flexible models for business agreements.
  • Support in the form of assistance, marketing materials, promotional activities, and co-branding, including aid with RFI/RFPs and product demonstrations.
  • A training program that develops study leads into experts in robust and flexible technology.
  • Access to a knowledge base and helpdesk to stay updated with ongoing technological advancements.

ResearchManager: Your Global CRO Partner

ResearchManager provides modern and proven technologies, coupled with customer-centric expertise, offering scalable and flexible solutions at every stage of the research process.

  • Flexible and powerful technology in the Clinical Research Suite, emphasizing flexibility, scalability, and reliability.
  • A pioneer in eClinical software since 2013, delivering clinical solutions across diverse healthcare-related industries.
  • Commitment to exceeding expectations in technology, pricing models, support, professional services, and training.

Making an impact on the world of clinical research together?

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