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Clinical Trial Management System

Effective management of the research process relies on a clear and manageable system. Leveraging years of knowledge and experience in clinical research, ResearchManager has developed its own CTMS. This comprehensive tool enhances efficiency and flexibility, especially in collaboration with departments and regulatory authorities. Real-time insight, receiving and sending notifications, and full compliance with regulations throughout the clinical research process are essential features and functionalities embedded in our CTMS.

Full Management of the Research Process with the Clinical Trial Management System

ResearchManager CTMS includes all necessary features to efficiently manage every aspect of the research process. From selecting sites and creating budgets to managing visits and generating reports. Validations and notifications facilitate the flow of information, ensuring continuous compliance with laws and regulations.

Real-time Overview and Insight into the Study Status

The CTMS provides a complete and real-time overview of all ongoing and completed studies. Monitor the progress of studies closely, track key milestones, access central (research) data, and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

ResearchManager CTMS Facilitates Collaboration

With our CTMS, teams, sites, and other stakeholders collaborate effectively. Working with a CTMS ensures a smooth research process, guarantees the integrity of research data, and allows addressing complex challenges during the study with confidence. All from one central online platform that meets compliance requirements.

Overview of CTMS set-ups


This setup enables users to manage and document partners, ongoing contracts, and prospects along with their associated forecasts within the clinical research domain. Through streamlined workflows, they can efficiently handle these aspects, optimizing the progress of the research.


This setup organizes crucial information for assessing the feasibility of new research projects. It captures data concerning patient populations, research facilities, local regulations, and ethical considerations. Users can utilize templates and checklists to document this evaluation, aiding in site selection decisions and preemptive planning for potential challenges before commencing the research.


This setup oversees all budgetary aspects and the management of financial resources required for conducting clinical research. This includes budget creation and management, cost monitoring, invoicing, payment management, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

Project Management
Project Management

Through the project management setup, users can define critical milestones, track study progress, manage risks, and facilitate timely decision-making. This contributes to more efficient project management and promotes the successful completion of clinical trials.

Site Selection & Contracts
Site Selection & Contracts

This setup involves managing partnerships with research sites and maintaining contractual agreements. It includes carefully selecting suitable research sites, drafting and managing contracts, and ensuring effective collaboration with partners. Essential for the successful execution of clinical trials.

Visit Tracking
Visit Tracking

This setup includes functionality for actively monitoring and recording participants’ visitations within clinical research. It involves recording the date and type of visit, documenting attendance, procedures conducted, and any specific notes during each visit. Through this feature, users can maintain a detailed overview of participants’ engagement and progress throughout the research process.

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Compliance and Technical Information

ResearchManager is compliant

  • Offices in the Netherlands (HQ) and in the USA.
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • NEN 7510 certified
  • ISO 14155 compliant
  • 21 CFR PART 11 compliant
  • GCP compliant
  • GDPR compliant
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Secure connection with Comodo’s EV SSL certificate

Information about Our Data Centers

  • TIER 3+ data centers in the EU
  • SOC 2 security standards
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • ISO 14155 certified
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • NEN 7510 certified
  • Dedicated backup server, AES 256 encrypted
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